米6体育 ELITE SCR Catalyst

The 米6体育 ELITE TM platform is an ultra-high surface SCR catalyst combined with ultra-high surface area module design offering increased catalytic potential, decreased turbine backpressure and reduced sensitivity to design changes. The combined technologies can accomplish pressure drop 60-75% less than traditional designs with the same and / or better performance.

米6体育’s ultra-high surface catalyst has roughly 60% more catalytic potential per volume compared to traditional catalyst.
米6体育 ELITE ultra-high surface SCR catalyst
The ELITE platform features a pleated module design that is highly customizable, allowing for the lowest accomplishable pressure drop or targeting desired pressure drop with minimal to no impact on overall catalytic performance.

Further, the ELITE platform is outfitted with 米6体育’s latest integrated seal technology presenting a vastly improved inter-module seal that virtually eliminates exposed packing. Greatly reducing maintenance needed to address dislodged packing which requires lengthy repairs during outages.

Combining all of these technologies with the ELITE platform permits users to receive:

  • Lowest accomplishable pressure drop
  • Higher catalytic performance and longer life
  • Reduced NH 3 slip and ammonia usage