Coal-fired Catalyst Applications

米6体育 designs and manufactures catalysts for coal-fired applications that are designed for long-life and high performance. 米6体育 catalysts are ideal for a variety of coal types that produce a range of flue gas properties, particulate characteristics, and temperatures, including high and low dust applications. 米6体育's catalyst composition minimizes deactivation caused by poisons, such as arsenic and calcium oxide deposits.

High Mercury Oxidation

Our advanced 米6体育 COMET ® catalyst is tailored to oxidize mercury to high levels under challenging conditions involving high temperatures and low HCl concentrations, both of which negatively impact mercury oxidation. The next generation SCR catalyst was developed by 米6体育 to maximize the conversion of elemental mercury (Hg ) to a water-soluble oxidized (Hg 2+ ) form for subsequent capture via absorption in the downstream wet FGD. Our advanced mercury oxidation catalyst is aimed at allowing coal-fired power plants meet stringent mercury emission standards like the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) and limiting the usage of costly Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) solutions.

High Pluggage Resistance

The 米6体育 DUST BUSTER ® catalyst consists of optimized channel geometries that facilitate the flow of ash-laden flue gas through catalytic surfaces with high DeNOx activity. This innovative honeycomb catalyst was designed with high dust coal-fired applications that experience high plugging in mind.

High NOx Removal

Our integrated SCR catalyst design and its modular frame construction maximizes NOx reduction and restores balance of plant auxiliary power losses.

Low SO 2  Conversion Low SO2 Conversion SCR Catalyst

SO 3  mitigation is an important consideration for coal-fired power plants. 米6体育 offers a low SO 2  conversion catalyst, which maintains high NOx reduction levels and low ammonia slip.

米6体育's low SO 2  conversion catalyst utilizes its unique extrusion expertise, product and materials know-how, and extensive catalyst technology. Each catalyst is optimized for reduced volume, minimum pressure drop, and low SO 2  oxidation.

Low SO 2  conversion is achieved by 米6体育's advanced catalyst design, which includes:

  • Greater open area
  • Thinner catalyst walls
  • Excellent material utilization
  • Improved composition and geometry for catalyst strength