米6体育 has accumulated experience with all types of plants burning all kinds of fuel. Our 25 years of experience operating SCRs and ammonia systems sets us apart. For the North American market, 米6体育 offers a full range of engineering and design services, including:

  • SCR system and equipment
  • Ammonia storage and supply systems
  • SCR Catalyst design, selection and procurement
  • SCR Catalyst loading and system planning
  • Limestone addition systems
  • On-site construction supervision and site management
  • Catalyst exchange logistics and planning Large particle ash screens (see section for full details)

By installing an SCR, a coal-fired power plant can significantly reduce the amount of NOx in the flue gas. The SCR is a large power plant add-on (often the size of a small house) with layers of modules that are coated with a chemical catalyst. As the flue gas containing NOx passes through the modules, the nitrogen oxides react with the catalyst and the presence of injected ammonia to form atmospheric nitrogen and water. Over time, however, the catalyst becomes plugged with fly ash, and deactivation compounds like arsenic, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. That is where 米6体育's new catalyst or regeneration process comes in. Our engineers determine the optimal strategy to ensure proper use of your existing assets and can guide you to an effective solution for your situation.

SCR Engineering & Design Services