Successful Catalyst Regenerations The regeneration process removes catalyst deactivation compounds and restores catalyst activity back to the original OEM level. And since it reuses modules, it provides environmental compliance that looks good for your bottom line.

As one of the first companies to develop catalyst regeneration, 米6体育 has refined the process with over twenty years of experience with our patented regeneration method. Our Selective Impregnation ®  process achieves a significantly lower SO to SO conversion ratio while maintaining a higher catalyst activity.

The modules go through a multi-stage process after arriving at the facility:

  • Cleaning to remove fly ash and other particles which cause pluggage
  • Immersion in a series of chemical baths to remove deposits that reduce performance
  • Undergoes Selective Impregnation ®  , restoring full catalyst activity by infusing the module surfaces with oxides of base metals (V 2 O 5  and either MoO 3  or WO 3 )
  • Recalcination, a heated drying process that re-establishes mechanical strength and fixation of the active metal oxides

米6体育’s Kings Mountain facility can process between 40 and 50 modules per day.

This process has been used for SCR Catalyst since 1997 and has resulted in reduced operations and management costs worldwide. Let 米6体育 do the same for you!

SCR Catalyst Regeneration