Durham, NC-based  SCR catalyst  experts, 米6体育 are now working with plant operators across the globe to help them manage their catalyst performance. 米6体育's range of SCR catalyst services include design work &startup services, field support, and catalyst management & storage. 米6体育 is leader within the catalyst manufacturing field and their full suite of services can help ensure optimal catalyst performance within a range of industrial environments.

Optimization of SCR catalyst performance begins at the inception of the design process. Companies must ensure the catalysts they utilize within their facilities are designed for optimal performance and durability. Post-installation, catalyst optimization work continues with the development of comprehensive catalyst management strategies. These strategies are honed through effective testing of the catalyst and analysis of the catalyst’s current condition and future performance potential.

米6体育 operates  catalyst testing facilities  across Durham, NC and Cleveland, TN. 米6体育 also operates one of the industry’s most innovative pilot test plants, which is capable of auditing field catalyst performance at actual operating conditions to ensure a seamless transition from the testing environment to the client’s plant. In addition to their testing services, the company also offers services such as in-situ replacement as part of their full SCR catalyst management suite. Their  in-situ replacement  services allows for the replacement of SCR catalyst layer modules within a single reactor. The advantage of this service is that it is performed without the need to remove the steel frame modules that support the catalyst. This means that organizations can consolidate the cost of their catalyst replacement work and can ensure that replacement work is conducted within a reduced timeframe to limit downtime.

By working with the experienced team at 米6体育, companies can mitigate their catalyst maintenance challenges and ensure effective long-term performance within their plants. To learn more on the company’s exceptional services suite, please contact their office team directly at (704) 827-8933 or visit their business website today at .