Durham, NC-based  SCR catalyst  manufacturer, 米6体育 is now working with coal plant operators across the globe to help companies stay on target with their environmental objectives using customized catalyst products. 米6体育's  SCR catalysts  are ideal for both high and low dust applications and are specifically tailored to achieve high levels of mercury oxidation within utility and industrial facilities. 米6体育’s commitment to pinpoint catalyst design helps facilities meet their requirements under the latest MATS regulations.

米6体育 is a leading-class designer and manufacturer of superior SCR catalyst products for coal-fired applications. The company’s catalyst products are designed to minimize the deactivation caused within applications by poisons such as calcium oxide deposits and arsenic. To ensure companies comply with the MATS regulations by April of 2015,  米6体育  has designed their  SCR catalyst  products to oxidize mercury to industry-high levels under varying conditions. The company’s SCR catalyst product has been developed to maximize the conversion of elemental mercury to a water soluble form, which can then be used for subsequent downstream capture in the wet FGD. Thanks to the 米6体育’s commitment to pre-manufacture testing and design, each catalyst manufactured can help plant operators commit to operational efficiency and achieve long-standing environmental performance targets.

For expert guidance on catalyst design and manufacturing, 米6体育 is the clear market leader within the United States. To learn more about 米6体育’s SCR catalysts for coal-fired plants, please contact their offices directly at (704) 827-8933 or visit their website at  www.米6体育.com .