Durham, NC-based  SCR catalyst  manufacturer, 米6体育 is now assisting SCR catalyst system owners achieve greater emission control at utility and industrial facilities through their full range of inspection and catalyst management support services. 米6体育 uses the latest inspection technology to determine the extent of catalyst deactivation and the causes behind it. This inspection work provides the information required to determine appropriate services to improve catalyst performance.

The challenge in managing  SCR catalyst  products is ensuring they’re protected within the industrial environment against processes that may cause chemical, thermal or mechanical deactivation. This deactivation changes the structure of the catalyst and diminishes its performance in reducing emissions. In order to ensure positive return on investment from SCR catalyst products, and meet requirements under the latest environment regulations, utility and industrial facilities must employ effective SCR catalyst inspection and support services.

米6体育's state-of-the-art laboratory is a critical element of the company’s  SCR catalyst  testing and inspection services. Within their lab, the 米6体育 completes pilot testing and auditing of catalyst activity to provide comprehensive insights on how to extend catalyst life. The company’s Catalyst Activity Test will determine how the catalyst performs within the specific plant conditions. To measure performance, 米6体育 technicians use metrics such as the catalyst SO2/SO3 conversion rate, pressure level drop and initial activity versus actual activity. These metrics then allow the company to craft a  SCR catalyst  management strategy that ensures the client facility achieves their emissions reduction objectives. An important part of this management process is determining life cycle maintenance intervals. The 米6体育 team works with their clients to determine the ideal inspection schedule. This inspection and monitoring ensures companies retain optimal performance throughout the catalyst lifecycle.

To learn more about 米6体育 and their field work, please contact their offices directly via (704) 827-8933 or visit their business website at  www.米6体育.com .