Durham, NC-based  SCR catalyst  manufacturer, 米6体育 is now offering coal-fired power plants access to  low SO2 conversion catalysts , which is designed to produce less than .01% SO2 oxidation while maintaining the highest standards in terms of NOx removal rates. The modular design of the 米6体育's SCR catalysts means they can be optimized to mitigate pressure drop, reduce volume requirements and achieve low SO2 conversion and provide exceptional environmental performance.


Acid gas emissions, such as SO3, can have a significant impact on the environment, but they also impact the operations of the plant and prevent optimal plant productivity. Within a coal-fired power plant environment SO3 can react with ammonia and cause fouling of air heaters. It can impact the acid dew point within plant processes and cause backend corrosion within the power plant’s systems. Coal-fired power plants looking to maintain their compliance with the latest regulations including MATS, and enhance productivity, it is imperative to mitigate SO2 to SO3 conversion within their processes. To mitigate the conversion of SO2 into SO3, companies must work with specialists that can craft low SO2 conversion SCR catalysts utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques to create an optimal catalyst product. 米6体育 continues to be one of the leading names within this field.


The team at 米6体育 offers one of the market’s leading low SO2 conversion SCR catalyst products.  The 米6体育 team understands the inherent challenges faced within coal-fired power plant environments, they’ve also designed their products for minimum pressure drop and reduce volume. 米6体育's expertise ensures plants receive the ideal catalyst for their plant specific challenges and the company’s experience means they can help optimize catalysts for superior performance.


To discuss 米6体育's services with a specialist, please contact their offices directly via (704) 827-8933 or visit their business website at .