Leaders in  SCR catalyst  technology, 米6体育 now invite the industry to review our SCR catalysts for marine applications. 米6体育’s designs help manage the SCR catalyst’sinteraction with sulfur and the SCR poison loading from the heavier fuels and lube oils that are used in the marine environment. This design process helps eliminate many of the leading causes of catalyst deactivation.


SCR catalysts have proven a cost-efficient way of helping to meet the latest environmental regulations imposed upon companies operating marine engines. Companies must ensure the SCR catalysts they are using within their marine systems are designed for long-term performance and low rates of deactivation. Through working with experienced SCR catalyst developers companies can achieve high levels of return on investment.


米6体育 is a company with decades of experience in the  SCR catalyst  design field. Our team understands the causes behind catalyst deactivation like few others in the marketplace, and we harness the latest testing systems to ensure each catalyst designed is optimally built for long-term performance and high levels of efficiency. 米6体育’s experience with a broad array of gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels makes us the ideal choice for a range of marine organizations. 米6体育’s expertise in working with light oil, heavy oil, and asphalt-fired units with fuel sulfur levels ranging from 0.1% to 5.4% means the company can respond to all catalyst design challenges with a level of precision that stands out in the marketplace. This wide range of capabilities and experience across fuels is how 米6体育 has developed a foundation of over 50,000 operating hours working with marine systems.


The expert design team at 米6体育 can help operators understand the latest environmental regulations and how these regulations can be managed through pinpoint SCR catalyst design. To learn more on this leading-class service,  speak with the team  at 米6体育 directly at (704) 827-8933 or visit  www.米6体育.com .