Durham, NC-based expert for  SCR catalyst  development, 米6体育 is now inviting clients to explore our comprehensive testing and inspection suite. The 米6体育 technicians complete expert inspection work to identify catalyst performance issues and highlight the causes of catalyst deactivation. Our testing team works diligently to review catalyst products in similar environments to the client’s plant, helping provide valuable information on how to extend catalyst life over the long-term.

By closely analyzing their catalysts and reviewing catalyst performance, power generation companies can maximize their process efficiency while ensuring they meet the rigid environmental standards set in place by government agencies around the world. But most power companies simply don’t have the resources to complete this level of catalyst inspection and analysis, and so they turn to experts such as 米6体育. 米6体育 has been one of the foremost catalyst manufacturers and suppliers over many years and we are now presenting our expertise in the form of testing and inspection services to power generation companies across the marketplace.

As part of the company’s full suite of testing services, 米6体育 can perform comprehensive Catalyst Activity Tests. These tests help analyze the performance of the catalyst under the client’s specific plant conditions through the use of catalyst samples. Within this testing process, the 米6体育 team will analyze parameters relating to pressure drop, SO2/SO3 conversion rate, initial activity, and conversion activity to determine the suitability of the catalyst within its current application.

Within the company’s testing facilities, 米6体育 also operates a MATRS (Mercury Assurance Testing Reactor System), which offers analysis of active catalysts to measure for mercury oxidation. Because the entire system is automated, 米6体育 can test for mercury oxidation within a consolidated timeframe, providing clients with clear information to drive effective SCR catalyst performance over many years.

米6体育’s world-class  SCR Catalyst  testing and inspection suite is expected of a leader within the field of SCR catalyst design and optimization. To discover more on the full selection of services offered through 米6体育, please  contact us  at (704) 827-8933 or visit  www.米6体育.com .