米6体育, Durham, NC-based catalyst manufacturer, offers leading-class  SCR catalyst  products for use within coal-fired power generation applications. The company’s catalyst composition is the result of an intensive testing process within the coal plant environment. The flexibility of the 米6体育 products means our company’s SCR catalysts are suitable for a range of temperatures, flue gas properties, and particulate characteristics .

To meet the challenges posed by industry regulations such as MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards), companies running coal-fired applications must install catalysts to help reduce their environmental impact. In managing these applications, it is critical that the catalysts harnessed are designed specifically for the individual application as well as the company’s long-term performance requirements. This is a delicate balance to achieve and a challenge that can only be met with trusted catalyst expertise such as those offered through 米6体育.

Our team at  米6体育  has many years of experience crafting unique SCR catalysts for coal-fired applications. This experience is highlighted in thousands of installations around the globe on over 100,000 MW of generating, as we help clients meet their unique plant performance requirements while mitigating the environmental impact of their coal-fired processes. For example, in helping companies reduce their mercury oxidation levels, 米6体育 has produced our advanced mercury oxidation catalyst, COMET®. This specialized SCR catalyst maximizes the conversion of elemental mercury to a water-soluble form to ensure capture via absorption in downstream FGDs. Not only does this type of innovation help organizations meet their obligations under the latest regulations, but it also helps minimize the need for other costly intervention solutions such as Active Carbon Injection.

Another leading benefit of our SCR catalyst manufacturing process is we can also design the same efficient mercury oxidation catalyst with superior NOx emission reduction and low SO conversion catalysts.

The team here at 米6体育 is now bringing high performance  SCR catalyst  products to coal-fired applications throughout the globe. To learn more, please  contact  our office team at (704) 827-8933 or visit our business website directly at  www.米6体育.com .